Spring breakers party it up in a packed house during a bikini contest at the Gilligan’s Island Bar and Grill on Siesta Key, Fla.(Chip Litherland for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune)

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Perhaps you’ve heard.

A new MTV reality series “Siesta Key” is being filmed here, and all we really know is that the show, currently in production, is about wealthy local college students home for the summer on, yes, Siesta Key.

The show premieres in July and a short commercial ran earlier this month during the MTV Movie & TV Awards, alluding to a pair of the network’s most popular reality shows, “The Hills.” “From The Hills to the Beach,” it said as a couple kissed on the screen. “Welcome to Siesta Key.”

Looks harmless enough.

And, for the record, it’s not like there has been a spike in arrests on Siesta Key in recent weeks.

You wouldn’t know that, though, by the way people are reacting.

When we reported May 8 about “MTV making Siesta Key-set reality show” the story instantly became one of our most popular online reads and the next day’s follow-up, “Will Siesta Key be the next ‘Jersey Shore’?” also attracted a substantial audience.

And then there were the comments:

“We don’t need young, rich filth in this town. Screw you MTV. Go back to music videos. That’s all you were good for.”

“That’s just grand. Let’s glorify more D-bags and draw even more ill behaved, self indulgent, over privileged brats in!”

More comments appear on the stories themselves, but many, many more are popping up on Facebook.

Here are a few from our Ticket Facebook page:

“Awful, they will trash the key’s reputation and portray the area inaccurately.”

“So sad, can’t believe Sarasota is allowing this! Makes no sense at all.”

“Literally everyone I know has said hell no to this — mixed emotions my ass — we don’t want this to happen. (Stop) it!”

You get the point.

And you know what? These people are being silly.

Our producer contact at MTV won’t confirm — and I totally understand — where “Siesta Key” is being filmed.

But we have confirmed film crews have been to the key’s Gilligan’s Island Bar, which already feels like spring break pretty much every weekend.

So while it’s highly doubtful “Siesta Key” will have the impact of MTV’s mega-hit “Jersey Shore,” which ran from 2009 to 2012, even if it did, I doubt things would change that much on Ocean Boulevard.

It has been a party and pub crawl destination for decades.


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