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You may have seen that video that shows men dragging a shark behind their boat that went viral over the past few days. The 10-second clip shows a boat dragging a shark through the water at high speed. The shark, tethered to the end of the boat, thrashes and repeatedly slams against the wake of the engine, as four men look back, seeming to enjoy what they see.

What does this have to do with MTV’s “Siesta Key?” Alex Kompothecras — the main star of “Siesta Key” and the son of the man who essentially created the show — is apparently friends with one or more of the people in the video.

It came out in the comments of one of his recent Instagram posts:

Alex: “I had nothing to do with the shark video. Yes he’s a friend of mine, but no I don’t agree with what he did.”

Considering how much internet hate the video has generated, it may generate some bad publicity for the show just days before it premieres at 10 p.m. on Monday, July 31.

We will undoubtedly be talking about this on next week’s episode of the Inside MTV’s “Siesta Key” podcast.


  1. “Star” seems a bit exaggerated, especially for a show that looks doomed to fail miserably. We’re all looking forward to the near future when this attempt at local soap opera is barely a memory.

    Hey HT, how about printing some actual news?

  2. This from a guy (Alex) with multiple marine violations include 2 for speeding through Manatee zone. The SHT is so drunk on this MTV show that they fail to do any real reporting on its “stars”

    • According to the Sarasota County Clerk’s Office, Alex Kompothecras had two marine speeding violations in a manatee zone, both in 2013. As an aside, we did do a criminal background check on the entire cast, but traffic violations do not show up on those reports. Thanks for pointing it out!

  3. Associating yourself with those who have a history of animal crulety proven by the multiple pictures they post and brag about doesn’t say much about you! If you disagree with their actions then you should of reported them long ago since you saw pictures of the turtles, pelicans etc… tortured by your “friend”

  4. Really cause Alex liked my comment pertaining to him and Wenzel. And they seem to be pretty close buds. #boycottsiestakeymtv

  5. I guess any publicity is good publicity for MTV….what happened to music videos ?

    Here’s an idea for season 2. How do the babies of billionaires beat the heat ? Season 2 follows our boys to Alaska for a summer of clubbing baby seals and using penguin chicks as bait for polar bear hunting.

  6. So it wasn’t you in the picture w the shark or with the pelican? You didn’t post those right from your instagram account?? You’re sick. Dig a hole. MTV cancel the show!

  7. Who are the SORRY A$$ LOSERS who plan on watching this trash. Daddy K. has to set up his spoiled loser kids to try to make them into stars. NOT WORKING HERE.

  8. Daddy K. thinks his family is above the law. His son and the rest of the cast a nothing by losers. WHO WOULD WATCH THIS CRAP. Daddy paid for this show to promote his loser son and his trash friends.

  9. Wow! MTV has really stooped to an all time low level employing these low class, animal abusing, entitled brats!

  10. ive never heard so many floridian girls talk like they are valley girls from california. all the girls had such an affected accent i really couldnt understand what they were saying. but obviously it wasnt anything that might pertain to something substantive. I think they said something about their confusion of who was dating who. maybe, im still not quite sure. then to hear alex speak, i wondered about his sexual orientation. im just really confused. maybe ill put my caption option on next time i watch…….. if its still on.


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