The cast of MTV's "Siesta Key" reality show at the Kompothecras mansion on Siesta Key. [Herald-Tribune staff photo / Dan Wagner]
The cast of MTV’s “Siesta Key” reality show at the Kompothecras mansion on Siesta Key. [Herald-Tribune staff photo / Dan Wagner]
Some of us grew up on reality television. Some of us grew up on MTV (back when “Yo! MTV Raps!” was a thing). But we all know Siesta Key inside and out. We live here. We grew up here. And, we’re reporters.

That’s why we started the “Inside MTV’s ‘Siesta Key'” podcast.

You’ll undoubtedly be able to find all the snarky comments and biting criticism of MTV’s newest reality show all over the internet, but we have inside knowledge of the places, the people and the scene where “Siesta Key” takes place.

If you want to know more about MTV’s ‘Siesta Key’ than just who’s sleeping with whom,  who got drunk and did something stupid, or why two of the cast posed in bikinis while covered in blood (wait for episode 2), we’ll fill you in. Listen to episode 1, subscribe on iTunes (or your favorite podcast app) and keep checking back here for the latest.

In this episode: What’s the deal with Siesta Key and how did this show get off the ground? Maybe you need to ask Gary… Plus: Rating the relative fanciness of Siesta Key and its neighbor islands; how autism/vaccine activism is involved; and which of the cast has already admitted to being a quadruple threat!

Meet the (pod)cast:

Brian Ries, digital editor of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, has spent 35 years living near Siesta Key, and even lived in the heart of the beach bar scene when he was in his 20s.

Wade Tatangelo is the entertainment editor for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune and has written about bars, bands and the beach for decades.

Elizabeth Djinis, a staff writer for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, grew up with some of the people you’ll see on the show (which also means she’s not a middle-aged guy like the other two). She’s also the nice one, kind of.


  1. Pretty sexist that you found irony in a young lady wearing a modest midriff, stating the show was classy. Watch out ladies, wearing a midriff means you are INCAPABLE of defining the word class!!! Classless and stupid, seriously??!?


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