The cast of MTV’s “Siesta Key” reality show at the Kompothecras mansion on Siesta Key. [Herald-Tribune staff photo / Dan Wagner]
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At this point, just about every Sarasota County resident has heard of MTV’s new reality show “Siesta Key,” and most likely has a strong opinion about it.

Some will be excited to see the area get a national television spotlight. Others will hate-watch it. Some will hate the idea so much they’ll refuse to watch a second of it.

No matter what you plan on doing, the first episode will air nationally at 10 p.m. Monday. So if you’ve decided you’ll be tuning in, here’s what you need to know:

What is it?: According to MTV, the hour-long, 10-episode series “follows a group of young adults considered the ‘Siesta Key elite’ as they confront issues of love, heartbreak, betrayal, race, class, and looming adulthood, all while trying to enjoy the most epic summer of their lives.”

Who stars in it?: Here are the descriptions MTV provided for the seven main cast members:

Alex Kompothecras: “Alex is the King of Siesta Key. He’s known for his over the top parties and playboy lifestyle. But now that Alex has graduated college, he has to focus less on the pleasures of careless youth and more on his uncertain future.”

Juliette Porter: “Juliette is back home from college and is wasting no time heating things up. Last summer she had a fling with Alex that didn’t end so well. Will they reignite their flame? Or will the summer breeze blow it out for good?”

Madisson Hausburg: “Madisson and Alex are high school sweethearts who haven’t totally moved on from each other. Having just graduated with an engineering degree, Madisson is looking to move on and start fresh. Will she let Alex go, or will she succumb to old habits?”

Chloe Trautman: “Chloe knows everything about everyone, especially when it comes to Alex. She’s most likely to be your best friend, and your worst enemy. One thing is for sure, you don’t want to get on her bad side.”

Kelsey Owens: “Kelsey is the new girl in Siesta Key. After her mom’s heath took a turn, this former international model has given up the catwalk to move home to care for her mother. Because of her former globe-trotting career, she missed all of the fun of high school, and this summer she plans to make up for lost time.”

Garrett Miller: “Garrett is Kelsey’s boyfriend, a muscular personal trainer with a modest upbringing. When Kelsey starts to hang with Alex and his crew, their solid relationship starts to show its cracks. While Kelsey and Garrett look like the picture-perfect couple, people and hearts can change after a summer together.”

Brandon Gomes: “Brandon is one of Alex’s tightest boys, and most laid-back of the bunch. Like Alex, he’s a total heartthrob, and together they will drive the girls on Siesta crazy.”

When does it air?: 10 p.m. Monday on MTV

Where can I watch it?: Besides watching it from the comfort of your home, there will also be a red carpet premiere Monday with cast members present at Cinebistro Siesta Key, starting at 8:30 p.m. and concluding with a screening of the debut episode at 10 p.m., the same time it airs nationally. Tickets cost $32.84 and can be purchased at

Why should I care?: Residents may be interested to watch a show that actually filmed here, featuring familiar locales and local businesses. And it will be airing nationally to an audience of potentially millions, with other MTV reality shows such as “Jersey Shore” and “The Hills” becoming big commercial successes. (Whether or not they have any artistic merit is another matter.)

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