We’re going to New York! Talking points: All our marbles in one basket, we can say our goodbyes, this is very deep, Canvas is from the streets, standardly pretty, the despair of Juliet’s mom, club comparisons, Madison is the hero and, of course – PAIGE, WHY?!?!
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  1. I just started listening to this podcast, although I watch the show religiously – as I should since 2 of my sisters are on the show. That being said, Madisson has THREE (3) sisters: Taylor who will be 29 this year, Paige who will be 26 AND ME, Heather, who will be 42! They are all my baby girls.

    • Yes, your mom called us last night to clear it all up for us. Thanks for letting us know and, especially, for listening to the podcast. We love your sisters!


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